Dear Toshav Chozer / Oleh Hadash;

Surveys show that the process of moving to a new home is one of the most stressful events in one’s life, even more so relocating or returning to your old country.

These days when you are carefully planning this important step, you will be happy to know that not only you do not have to bear the entire decision on your own, but that the move can be even joyful.

Using our over twenty five years successful experience of publishing guides (Going Home) for shipping to Israel, the 220V appliances market marine insurance and other important Aliyah subjects, we have created this special web site (toshav hozer) to cater for your tailored needs.

We hope this new web site will be of great assistant to you. It will save you time, money and frustration.  It will also lead you step by step through hidden problems that might arise, by explaining your rights and duties in order to avoid some of these complications. You will be advised on different subjects as how to ship your cargo, recommended shipping companies (listed by country / city), which item is most suitable for Israel and which items will not comply with the voltage, cycle and other specifications of the country.

Remember, the more prepared you are in advance, the smoother the move will be.


We wish you a satisfying move with best results.


Israel  Halberstein, Web site director



Terminal for Pets

The Israeli Agency for International Pet Transport


For more important information please see at the end of this category 
Important Tip for drivers
An Oleh, Toshav Chozer or Tourist who has had car insurance in another country, should obtain a letter from their insurer stating the number of years no claims they have had (preferably 3 years or more) in order to qualify for a reduced premium. Without this letter, the Oleh, Toshav Chozer or Tourist will be insured as a new driver!! 
Save a lot of money and get this letter. 


1.      Introduction.

2.      General information.

3.      Health insurance in Israel (for Toshav Hozer's waiting period).

4.      220V appliances shopping guide.

5.      Shipping to Israel.

6.      Marine insurance.
7. CPA Corner - Get a free advice before making a move


A Toshav Chozer is an Israeli citizen who meets the following criteria:
· He/she at least 17 years of age;
· Has resided abroad for at least two years (1.5 years for students);
· During his/her time abroad, has not visited Israel for 120 days or more per year (365 days);
· Has not used his/her rights as a returning resident in the past (If you have only used custom privileges before, and have spent six years or more in Israel after that, you could be eligible for custom privileges again.
Final determination of the returning resident status is made by the Ministry of Absorption in Israel, upon your return, by verifying the stamps of entry and exit in your passports.

Some of the Privileges for Toshav Chozer  include:

· Discount on a one-way ticket to Israel with ELAL Airlines, and permission to check-in one extra piece of luggage.

· Customs privileges: tax exemption on the import of articles for household use. Access the Customs Department's web site for further information.

· Assistance for scientists, artists and business entrepreneurs.

. Loans, seminars

Before your return, please make sure to have the following:

1. A valid Israeli passport.

2. Children of Israeli citizens born abroad and moving to Israel must have their own Israeli passports, even if they also have a U.S. passport. Please refer to the Passports and Travel Documents section for further information.

3. If only one spouse returns to Israel with minor children, the remaining spouse must sign a power of attorney. This will enable the returning spouse to receive benefits, register the children to school, etc. In case of divorce, a written consent or proof of custody must be presented.

In order to obtain the discounted ELAL ticket:

1. Contact the ELAL Reservations Department, (212) 768-9200 to make a “returning resident” reservation, and receive a confirmation number (PIN number).

2. You may then come to the Consulate with all the travelers’ passports (Israeli and others, from the past two years) and the confirmation number. We will issue you the voucher for ELAL.
The Consulate is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 12:00PM (except U.S. national and Jewish holidays).

Health Insurance for Toshav Chozer (For the waiting period)

Those who have not continued to pay their social security dues while abroad and/or are no longer considered a “resident” of Israel are NOT eligible for the national health insurance upon their return. During their waiting period (one month for every year they have spent abroad after March 2001, max 6 months), they should arrange for private insurance. For private health insurance please contact "Toshav Chozer Center" at:  or at telephone number: 03 672-8255.  Children are immediately eligible for the national health insurance. 


220V Appliances Shopping Guide

Imperia personal import 

Your #1 place for 220V appliances

Tel: 03-6728255    Fax:  03-6729534



As your moving date gets closer the big question looms ever larger. How will I go about doing these purchases in a proper comprehensive way – painlessly and quickly? The selection can often be bewildering. The feeling is like a child in a toy store faced with overwhelming choices. This guide can not make choices for you. Everyone’s taste and budget differs somewhat. One thing can be said: ”Begin at the appliances shop”.

Some of the most rewarding benefits in a move abroad (to Israel) are the shopping opportunities available worldwide.

Warning: Do not let your appliances’ dealer sell you what he wants or what he has in stock, we highly recommend to look only for the newest models (do not forget, you can use these duty free rights only once !).

In order to help you to choose the right appliances and to see the newest models available, try these well known companies’ web sites:       


Terminal4Pets, the Israeli agency for flying and relocating internationally with pets, wishes to update the public regarding new Israeli Ministry of Agriculturelaws for dogs, cats and ferrets entering Israel after May 2010

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, flight veterinarian and CEO for Terminal4Pets: "The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture passed a law whereby all dogs, cats and ferrets entering Israel are required to have a rabies vaccine and an antibodies test derives.  As a result, the process of shipping pets is longer and far more complicated -  taking a minimum of three weeks and as much as a month if the pet was vaccinated against rabies during the current year, and at least two months in the case of the pet not being  vaccinated during the current year.

New legal principles enforced on May 1, 2010:
Cats and dogs require a veterinary health certificate, under section 3, which states that:
a. The pet has been tested and shows no signs of infectious or contagious diseases.
b. The pet was vaccinated against rabies no more than a year and no less than 30 days prior to arriving in Israel.
b. Blood samples are to be taken by a veterinarian at a laboratory approved by the OIE, at least 30 days after vaccination and the level of rabies antibodies is at least - 0,52 IU / ml.

*The law as published by the Ministry of Agriculture can be found on the official website:

Also, international law requires that all cats and dogs have a chip  and an international certificate signed by an authorized veterinarian.

. Kreiner: "Though the Ministry of Agriculture legislate a law whereby all dogs and cats flying into Israel require a rabies antibodies test, unfortunately pet owners are not aware of the new law and it's implications – The pet flying procedure now takes a minimum of three weeks and as much as a month in the case that the pet was vaccinated against rabies during the current year, and at least two months in the case of the pet not being vaccinated." Dr. Kreiner would like to remind the public that they must prepare in advance for the pet's flight to avoid delays and last-minute complications that can lead to situations where pets will not be able to enter Israel, even when returning after a short stay abroad.

To help the public prepare properly for transporting pets to Israel, Terminal4Pets' veterinary doctors run a hot line for information, advice and guidance 24 / 7: 1-800-220-555 in Israel and 1866-pet-2-fly in USA.

Terminal4Pets was founded by Dr. Kreiner as the first and only company providing professional solutions for pet transport and relocation worldwide. The main principles leading our devoted team are: making sure our clients enjoy a convenient, safe, pleasant and even more cost-effective flight along with their pets.


 Animal Airways offers unique products and comprehensive services including: 
- Document check: relying on a professional data base containing all existing laws, regulations and other tenets in all countries, airlines and airports.

- Airway bills for families with pets through various airlines using affiliate agents.

- Shipping Cargo: In cases where state laws require that pets are shipped as cargo and in cases in which pet owners can not fly with their pets, Terminal4Pets offers a cargo service including: customs clearance, airway bill, pet shuttle and all other services needed for shipping pets overseas. 

- Veterinary consulting services including examinations, vaccinations, passport issuance - Pet passport and chips.

- VIP escort at the airport: In cases in witch pets fly in the main trunk of the plane, Terminal4Pets representatives accompany the pets at the airport to the airplane, making sure the conditions for flying pets are optimal (air conditioning, ventilation, etc.).


- Pet couriers: in cases in which pet owners can not fly with the pet, but do not wish to use the cargo option since it can sometimes be complicated and expensive, Terminal4Pets representatives will accompany the pet throughout the flight.



For more information, advice and guidance, call now 1-800-220-555 in USA 1866-pet-2-fly.


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