Dear Toshav Chozer / Oleh Hadash;

Surveys show that the process of moving to a new home is one of the most stressful events in one’s life, even more so relocating or returning to your old country.

These days when you are carefully planning this important step, you will be happy to know that not only you do not have to bear the entire decision on your own, but that the move can be even joyful.

Using our over twenty five years successful experience of publishing guides (Going Home) for shipping to Israel, the 220V appliances market marine insurance and other important Aliyah subjects, we have created this special web site (toshav hozer) to cater for your tailored needs.

We hope this new web site will be of great assistant to you. It will save you time, money and frustration.  It will also lead you step by step through hidden problems that might arise, by explaining your rights and duties in order to avoid some of these complications. You will be advised on different subjects as how to ship your cargo, recommended shipping companies (listed by country / city), which item is most suitable for Israel and which items will not comply with the voltage, cycle and other specifications of the country.

Remember, the more prepared you are in advance, the smoother the move will be.


We wish you a satisfying move with best results.


Israel  Halberstein, Web site director



Terminal for Pets

The Israeli Agency for International Pet Transport


For more important information please see at the end of this category 
Important Tip for drivers
An Oleh, Toshav Chozer or Tourist who has had car insurance in another country, should obtain a letter from their insurer stating the number of years no claims they have had (preferably 3 years or more) in order to qualify for a reduced premium. Without this letter, the Oleh, Toshav Chozer or Tourist will be insured as a new driver!! 
Save a lot of money and get this letter. 


1.      Introduction.

2.      General information.

3.      Health insurance in Israel (for Toshav Hozer's waiting period).

4.      Shipping to Israel.

5.      Marine insurance.
6. CPA Corner - Get a free advice before making a move


A Toshav Chozer is an Israeli citizen who meets the following criteria:
· He/she at least 17 years of age;
· Has resided abroad for at least two years (1.5 years for students);
· During his/her time abroad, has not visited Israel for 120 days or more per year (365 days);
· Has not used his/her rights as a returning resident in the past (If you have only used custom privileges before, and have spent six years or more in Israel after that, you could be eligible for custom privileges again.
Final determination of the returning resident status is made by the Ministry of Absorption in Israel, upon your return, by verifying the stamps of entry and exit in your passports.

Some of the Privileges for Toshav Chozer  include:

· Discount on a one-way ticket to Israel with ELAL Airlines, and permission to check-in one extra piece of luggage.

· Customs privileges: tax exemption on the import of articles for household use. Access the Customs Department's web site for further information.

· Assistance for scientists, artists and business entrepreneurs.

. Loans, seminars

Before your return, please make sure to have the following:

1. A valid Israeli passport.

2. Children of Israeli citizens born abroad and moving to Israel must have their own Israeli passports, even if they also have a U.S. passport. Please refer to the Passports and Travel Documents section for further information.

3. If only one spouse returns to Israel with minor children, the remaining spouse must sign a power of attorney. This will enable the returning spouse to receive benefits, register the children to school, etc. In case of divorce, a written consent or proof of custody must be presented.

In order to obtain the discounted ELAL ticket:

1. Contact the ELAL Reservations Department, (212) 768-9200 to make a “returning resident” reservation, and receive a confirmation number (PIN number).

2. You may then come to the Consulate with all the travelers’ passports (Israeli and others, from the past two years) and the confirmation number. We will issue you the voucher for ELAL.
The Consulate is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 12:00PM (except U.S. national and Jewish holidays).

Health Insurance for Toshav Chozer (For the waiting period)

Those who have not continued to pay their social security dues while abroad and/or are no longer considered a “resident” of Israel are NOT eligible for the national health insurance upon their return. During their waiting period (one month for every year they have spent abroad after March 2001, max 6 months), they should arrange for private insurance. For private health insurance please contact "Toshav Chozer Center" at:  or at telephone number: 03 672-8255.  Children are immediately eligible for the national health insurance. 


Imperia International Shipping (Since 1996)

70/46 Levi Eshkol Street, Kiryat Ono 5540083, Israel

Tel: 011-972-3-670-4779    Fax: 011-972-3-672-9534

Web site:    E-mail: 

Shipping to Israel        

Looking for a recommended shipping company ?

Could not find one ?  Feel free to contact us at  or via "contact us" and we will try to help you.



One of the most complex and sensitive issues regarding your overseas

relocation is the shipping of your belongings.

At the beginning of this chapter some of the key subjects such as packing, type of services available and customs regulations etc. will be mentioned. Later on these crucial issues which you must be well aware of in order to choose the best overseas shipping company for your personalized needs, will be explained to you in detail.

Reading carefully through this chapter will save you much time, money and frustration. The chapter will raise some of the possible problems which can occur and other important issues that shipping companies do not always like to mention. In this chapter, the reader will be wisely advised how to protect himself in advance.

In today’s market there is a large number of overseas shippers. Some are large companies and more famous while others are smaller but just as well competitive. Each company will attempt to convince you that it can provide the best service for the lowest cost. The main question is which company is indeed the BEST shipper and whose services will be most satisfying for your needs.

Due to our objectivity, we will analyze for you all advantages of such a move. Understanding that the term BEST in this specific case does not carry a general meaning but a personal one. Besides the well known criteria by which one decides upon a shipping company, such as trustworthy, reliable services and right price, you must also look into the shipper’s specialized destination points. Some companies ship more than others, and they might have an edge on services and prices to those specific locations.


Services Available:

Warehouse to Door, Warehouse to Port (Destination), Door to Port (Destination) and Door to Door (Destination).

Exclusive 20’ and 40’ containers door to door

The price for door to door service includes the following:

1.  Preliminary packing of breakable goods at your home.

2.  Removal from your residence for delivery to shipper’s plan for final  

     export packing.

3.  Receiving your goods and consolidating all outside purchases at

     shipper’s plant.

4.  Export packing into heavy duty wooden lift vans and/or containers.

5.  Placing the van into steel containers.

6.  Preparation of all documents.

7.  Delivery to steamship line.

8.  Pre-payment of all ocean freight.

9.  Releasing your effects at the Israeli port.

10. Destination services include – Custom clearance, In house delivery, unpacking and removal of all debris.


Warehouse to port service include #’s 3 through 9. Warehouse to Door service include #s 3 through 10. Door to Port service include #’s 1 through 9.


Pre-Move Check List:

Phone the moving/shipping company 2 – 3 months before moving date.

Plan items to be shipped.

Purchase new items to be shipped.

Make itemized inventory.

Determine value of the inventory.

Confirm moving date.

Confirm arriving date at destination.

Make storage arrangements (on both ends, if necessary).

Have all documents and valuables with you, including passport, record of inoculations, visa if necessary, invoices of new items, etc.

Agents’ name and address – date of sailing – expected arrival date – container number – number of units shipped for you.

Provide list of purchases made and being delivered to warehouse. Itemized list of goods being shipped with dollar value for insurance purposes.

Provide notify address in Israel so shipper’s office can contact you.

Most Important: After packing your goods into a metal container it is most recommended to put your own lock on it and keep the key for yourself (in

addition to the seal and lock the shipping company will put on).


Estimate -  The first step is to have an estimator visit your home to make a complete evaluation. There is no charge for this survey and, or course, you are under no obligation whatsoever. Examining, room by room, item by item, the estimator can determine the shipping method best suited to your particular needs. You will be advised of the approximate volume (cubic meter/footage) involved, the most economical and efficient way to proceed, and all other aspects of your move will be discussed in full detail. It’s highly recommended to take this opportunity to have all your questions answered by this qualified estimator. If you like to do your own estimate, please consult with a table of measurements.

Planning To Move – Items to ship; this decision, of course, must be made by yourself after judging all factors. Obviously, it will be simple one if you have an apartment secured, know the size of the rooms, have a floor plan made, and know just how your furniture and appliances will fit. Our only advice in this case would be to make certain that the delivery into the apartment will not create any insurmountable problems because of oversized couches, pianos, etc. The dimensions of halls and stairways have to be considered; elevators and lifts in Israel are sometimes too small to be used for transportation of large items. The decision will be more difficult for those who do not have definite apartments yet and who, for the first few months, will go into temporary housing. In these instances, our advice is “be selective”. Take the things which are generally suitable for Israel, or which you simply, do not wish to part with, but bear in mind the different mode of living in Israel (more out-door living terraces, smaller apartments and smaller rooms). Also consider the cost of shipping. Make sure that the article is not only desirable for your new home in Israel, but is worthwhile to take. Know your privileges with respect to the customs regulations. Laws are subject to change and the latest customs information should be obtained. Please see the Israeli customs web site .


ITEMS NOT TO SHIP: To avoid financial loss, it is recommended not to ship the items mentioned in the following list. Any questions concerning the importation of any item should be addressed to the nearest Israeli Consulate General or write us , please also see "Contact us".

1.  Valuable Papers

2.  Stamp Collection

3.  Coin Collection

4.    Valuable  Jewelry

5.    Pressure Spray Cans

6.    Inflammable Items

7.    Liquid Bleach

8.    Opened Liquid Glass Bottles

9.    Excessive Food Staples

10. Fire Arms (License required)

11. Live plants or seeds (License required)

12. Broadcast Equip. or Walkie – Talkie (License required)

13. New Building Material

14. Alcohol (Hand Luggage Only).

(*) Caution: Do not include in your shipment items belonging to others. Customs examination may reveal importation of duplicate or restricted items resulting in fines penalties or confiscation.


HOW TO PACK  - preliminary packing of dishes, silver, crystal and other breakables should be left to shipping company professionals. They can do it better and in a fraction of the time. However, if you prefer to do your own pre-packing for reasons of convenience or economy we suggest you follow the instructions listed below:

Tips On Packing:

Appliances & Utensils – Wrap and place small appliances and utensils in sturdy cartons with the heaviest items on bottom. Nest pots & pans wherever possible to conserve space.

Books – Pack in small cartons, Alternate bindings.

Bric-a-Brac – Wrap separately and pack tightly so that items can’t shift during handling.

Chinaware, Glassware, Silverware & Valuable Articles – Breakable items should be wrapped individually in paper. Large plates and heavy pieces should be placed on the bottom of the container, on edge. Smaller plates, cups and saucers toward the top. Plated and dishes should be placed in a vertical position with pads of paper in between. Recommended – 3” of paper on the bottom and 2” of paper between layers. Do not pack above edge of container.

Clothing, Draperies, Linen, Towels – Software should be folded and neatly packed into clean cartons or bureau drawers. Medium sized carton would suit this purpose.

Footlockers & Trunks – Both are useful in shipping light items and soft goods. They are marked, steel strapped, and put directly into the steel container. Wood boxing would not be necessary which represents a saving to you.

Glasstops, mirrors, painting and marble – We suggest these items be wrapped and then crated. For small mirrors, paintings, etc. carefully wrap each and place on edge in cartons.

Lamps & Lampshades – Remove bulbs and shades and pack lamps with linen or wrap separately and place in clean cartons. Shades should be wrapped completely in tissue and placed in large tissue linen cartons.

Rugs – Should be rolled and wrapped in plastic.

Tools – Remove all fuel from power tools. (do not ship flammable fuel under any circumstances). Pack tools in small strong cartons. Wrap separately if fragile.

(*) Final Export Packing - After preliminary packing and effects have all been received at shipper warehouse, the goods are measured for the final phase of boxing. All interior space is utilized so that shipper provides you with a maximum density factor. The shipping company should invite you to be present at their plant during the packing procedure so that you may bring last minute items that may be included.

(*) Cubic Meter / Feet -  The cost of your shipment is determined by the services provided and the outside cubic volume of your shipment.(For US shippers - to determine the cubic feet of a particular item, measure three sides and multiply the length by width by the depth inches then divide the result by 1728.

Example: 2’x 2’ x 2’8 cubic feet 24”x 24” x 24” divide = 1728 = 8 cubic feet.


EXPORT PACKING OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES it is our recommendation that when purchasing heavy electrical appliances as a separate shipment without household effects, they should be Export Packed in addition of factory packed.

Although appliances export packed are more costly to ship, we recommend it since this sort of packing reduce the danger of damaging your appliances upon their arrival. Please keep in mind that replacement and repairing charges of appliances in Israel are much more costly than the additional expense of export packing.

(*) Purchases - some shipping companies will provide you with tax exemption letters addressed to your suppliers with instructions that the goods are to be delivered to shipper’s plant for consolidation and shipment abroad. These letters are accepted by all suppliers as an exemption from local taxes (defers from country to country). Consolidations are held at the shipping company plant at no additional charge. The shipper should keep on file, records of all items received for your account. A copy of receipts should be mailed to you. Please note that you are responsible to oversee that all your purchases arrive prior to your own departure. However, in instances where this is not possible, it is recommended that you leave a complete list with shipper of all purchases made. Shipper will keep in touch with your supplies and see to it that your shipment does not go out before all merchandise arrives.

(*) Note of caution – Many suppliers are not following through in delivering all purchases. Costly problems may arise if singular items are sent at a later date. We recommend that your effects be in the warehouse 2 weeks prior to date of sailing.

This will enable shipper to give your shipment the personal attention and time required to complete the export boxing, paperwork and all necessary shipping arrangements.

(*) Insurance (See also a separate chapter) - There are several very reputable Israeli insurance companies that are offering all risk marine Insurance on shipments of household effects. We highly recommend to use one of these Israeli companies, after all damages and losses will be found only when shipment arrives to Israel and it will be much easier to deal directly with a local company (most recommended company, "Maagan",  you can contact at . At the same time, in order to fully protect your interests it is your responsibility to provide the insurance company with a detailed dollar value inventory list. The lack of such an inventory or any discrepancy or inaccuracy in the data for value stated in the inventory may complicate or delay settlement of claims covered under insurance policy.

Claim procedure requires that you notify the nearest claims office as indicated in your insurance policy for survey of damage, immediately after taking delivery of your effects. You may do this by phone or in person, but do not fail to make a written report, keep a copy and, if no action has been taken by the visit of a surveyor, then you must repeat this call – to be followed, if necessary, by a register letter. The surveyor’s report, original insurance certificate, packing slips, bills, and other documents, as required, will be submitted to the underwriters for approval of the claim. This procedure may take some time regardless of the company involved. However, a well documented claim will expedite settlement.


Storage in Israel

When your cargo arrives to Israel and your apartment is not ready yet, you will have to think about storing your belongings for some time. It is important to know your options (*) in this field:

Small shipment (less than a container load):

      1. First 30 days at the port are FREE.

2. From day 31st, you will pay (about) $2 a day.

3. If you need storage for a few months, it’s recommended to contact a  

    professional storage company.

Big shipment – Full container load

Payments to Israel port authority:

1.  First 4 days are free.

2.  Fifth day – 20’ container will pay $18, while 40’ container will pay $27.

Each additional day, price PER DAY will go up substantially !  

Payments to steamship line companies:

1.  First week FREE.

2.  Second week - $10 per day.

      3. Third week - $20 per day.

4.    Each additional week, price per day will go up.

(*) Olim get discount on above prices.


Necessary documents to expedite clearance through customs:

Your and your spouse valid passports and your children who are dependents. (including, all previous passports if any)

Teudat Oleh (Oleh certificate).

Fully detailed list contents.

Contract or lease of your apartment.

Invoices for any new appliances and other purchases.

Insurance list.

Shipper’s Bill of Landing (if you will customs clear your belongings)

Letter from your Moshav, Kibbutz, or yeshiva etc.


Marine insurance


Why pay more? Get a discounted Toshav Hozer Rate

(Get a free quote for your cargo and save hundreds of dollars from the most recommended insurance agent  "Imperia" at: )


I have been in the business of  moving people to Israel for many years. I have dealt with thousands of returning Israelis and Olim and have never seen anyone ships his/her belongings without taking out a marine insurance policy.

Despite the above statistics, many people approach me each year and question on the validity of such an act. “Do we really need it?” they ask. “What will happen if…? Well, I have only one answer to give. Yes it is a must for every person moving to Israel! After all, this is not your typical local move from one block to another, or from one city to another. It is a move across the ocean which passes through many hands and goes through many obstacles.

In light of this, you need a strong insurance policy to back you up and protect you.

This insurance policy could be your only remedy in case of a damage, missing items or any catastrophes that may occur. There is no other way to protect your belongings.

Now after we have “solved” the question of whether you need to take out an insurance policy for your shipment, we would have to deal with more difficult questions, mainly, of choosing one that fits your needs, and what questions you should ask before signing a contract.

I should also like to add that I highly recommend that the insurance company you choose be based in Israel. In order to insure your shipment for its full replacement value, it is best that your agent be established or have office in Israel. There can be no and’s, if’s or but’s on this one! In turn, an Israeli based agent can provide you with any further service you might have need of, make it beneficial to you both.

A few more tips on going about selecting a company and questions that should be asked:

1. Contact the insurance company/agency two or three months prior to   

    your departure.

2. Ask for the “all risk” policy. It is by far the most comprehensive and  

    protective one you can get.

3. Find out how much deductible is in case of a claim. Sometimes,  

    insurance companies ask for special deductible for special individual

    items, as for piano, art pieces, etc.

4. Find out if the insurance policy covers the shipment of your goods from

    the appliance store to the shippers warehouse.

5. Find out if the insurance policy covers:                                                                           A. Storage in your origin country (and how long?) 
B. Storage in Israel (if necessary).
C. Delivery from port of arrival (Haifa, Ashdod) to your apartment in Israel.

6. Insurance companies ask for appraisal for high value items such as art  

    pieces, fur coats, oriental and chinese rugs, etc.

7. Special packing will be required by the insurance company for piano, art

    pieces, etc. (And also separate deductible).

8. Cameras and Jewelry are not covered by insurance policy unless you  

    coordinate with your insurance company.

9. In case of stolen items or damage, you can not file a complaint with the

    insurance company unless:
A. This item is on the shipping company’s list.
B. This item is declared on customs papers.

10. Let the moving company pack you belongings, the breakable. It will be easier for you in the long run to file a claim with the insurance company if the moving company did the packing.

11. In case you file a claim for stolen or damaged items, The following documents are required:
A. Original receipt of that item.
B. Shipping company packing list.
C. Bill of landing of your shipment.
D. Appraisal by the insurance company for the damage.
E. Customs declaration. (The item must be on it)
F. Copy of your policy report.
G. Insurance policy issued by the insurance company.
H. If you found out about the damage or stolen items while the shipment was still at the port, you have to file a complaint with the port authority and submit it to the insurance company.

Imperia International Shipping (Since 1996)

70/46 Levi Eshkol Street, Kiryat Ono 5540083, Israel

Tel: 011-972-3-670-4779    Fax: 011-972-3-672-9534

Web site:   E-mail: 

About Us:

Imperia International Shipping specializes in providing high quality, economical international moving services. Our Management staff has over 30 years of experience in international moving. Imperia International Shipping uses a nationwide network of freight forwarders and custom brokers, worldwide agents (mostly Fidi's) and a professional, well-trained staff to assure the highest quality of service to our customers.

We are able to handle any shipment to and from Israel while providing our customers the best personal service and most competitive rates.

 Our Quality CommitmentImperia International Shipping has one goal: to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers worldwide. We provide customized, high quality service together with the lowest possible rates. We strive to make a difficult move an easy one through our services by land, air or sea, including handling export formalities and documentation, insurance coverage, overseas customs clearance and full destination services. Each of our customers is personally contacted following their move to assure that our services exceeded expectations and to gain valuable feedback to assist in our ongoing quality improvement efforts.

Our dedication….Imperia International Shipping is dedicated to providing our customers with the best, most efficient worldwide transportation and logistic services. Using a well established and proven chain of operations, we offer our customers customized moving services via sea, and air from and to all points around the globe at the most competitive cost.

Save by doing it yourself  Imperia International Shipping offers a full range of services for our customers. However, many of our customers request help in designing an international move that fits specific budget requirements. Our experienced sales consultants can offer a number of solutions for our customers willing to do some of the work themselves to reduce the overall costs for the move.

Packing: Our customers can pack all of their household goods and personal effects using the packing instructions shown below. Additional information about packing can be found in our Helpful Links page. In addition, our customers
can choose to have our local agents wrap their furniture for their international move, but pack their own boxes. Both options help reduce the total costs for packing. Please note that customers selecting the self-pack option may only
obtain Total Loss Marine Insurance for their shipment.

Loading the container: Customers with a full 20' or 40' container can load their own containers with help from local labor (or helpful friends). Our experienced sales consultants will discuss the contents of the container with each customer and will give detailed instructions on the best way to load the container.

Helpful Packing Instructions

Materials Needed:

* Boxes of different sizes. These can be purchased in an office supply or moving supply store.

* Waterproof markers

* Removable blank stickers. These can be purchased at any office supply store and will be used to place inventory numbers on furniture and boxes.

* An inventory form which your sales consultant can provide you by e-mail or fax

* Wrapping paper (Helpful tip: newspaper can transfer ink to your contents. Clean wrapping paper can be purchased at an office supply or moving supply company. 1-2 large rolls should be enough for your packing needs.

* Corrugated cardboard for wrapping furniture and protecting furniture

* Old sheets, towels and blankets for wrapping furniture. [Helpful tip: if you do not have a supply yourself, these can be purchased inexpensively at thrift stores]

* Strapping Tape 1.5" – 2" wide.

Packing Guidelines

Helpful Tips for your Inventory:

* A complete inventory will be required for your shipment.

* Each box and piece of furniture must be marked with a number (removable stickers are the best) and listed on an inventory.

* The contents of boxes should read "kitchen supplies", "books", "clothes" etc. on the inventory.

* Boxes packed by our customers should also be labeled "PBO" (packed by owner).

Helpful Tips for Packing Boxes:

* Make sure the contents of all boxes are carefully wrapped

* Seal the seams of all boxes with strapping tape

* Pack similar items together

* Try to distribute weight evenly amongst boxes

* Pack heavy items in small boxes. Tape the bottoms well.

* Make sure your boxes are strong enough to support the weight of other boxes being stacked on top of them.

* Label your boxes as you pack them with where they belong in your new home.

Helpful Tips for Furniture:

* Furniture should be wrapped with corrugated cardboard and/or old sheets, blankets and/or towels. * Particular attention to delicate areas such as the tops of furniture and legs.

* Bookshelves should be removed and wrapped separately.

* Dresser, desk, cabinet drawers should be emptied and the contents should be boxed separately.

* Glass shelves and tops should be wrapped with plastic bubble wrap.

Helpful tips for Paintings/Posters/Artwork/Mirrors

Paintings/Posters/Pictures with glass protection should be bubble wrapped and for extra protection you may use a picture box which can be purchased at any moving supply center.

Oil Paintings should be wrapped with paper only on the surface of the pictures and placed in the picture box.

Mirrors can be wrapped with bubble wrapped and placed inside picture boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: The inside of the container becomes very warm during shipment. Do not put any plastic material on top of oil picture or wood to prevent leaving a mark on the surface.

 If you have any questions, or need additional assistance, our experienced sales consultants are available to help you make your move as easy as possible


The Israeli Agency for International Pet Transport

Israel: 08-926-4554 or 1-800-220-555

USA 1-866-Pet-2-Fly


Terminal4Pets is the Israeli agency for international pet transportation. Founded by Dr Eytan Kreiner in 1990 to provide a full range of services to people traveling internationally with their pets. We provide professional and reliable relocation services so your pet will arrive to their new home safely and comfortably.

Terminal4Pets pet transportation specialists will take you step by step through the process ensuring your pet is traveling with all necessary documents and requirements for import to Israel.  Terminal4Pets will guide you through this journey until your pet arrives happily at home.

All pets entering Israel must abide by Israeli Ministry of Agriculture import regulations. It can take several months to prepare your pet according to the required health standards and to prepare all required documentation for flight. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead.

The import requirements to Israel are specific to the age, species, breed, and country of export of your pet. However general guidelines require your pet be microchipped, have a valid rabies vaccination, passing results of their Rabies Titer blood test by an approved OIE laboratory, and a health certificate signed by a private veterinarian and endorsed by an official government veterinary authority. All imports must be approved in advance by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture veterinary services. Some pets may require an additional import permit and may be required to fly as manifested cargo. There is no quarantine for pets in Israel as long as they abide by all import requirements.

In addition, there are breeds that are restricted for import to Israel. American Staff Bull Terrier (Amstaff), Bull Terrier, Argentino Dogo, Japanese Tosa, Staff Bull Terrier (English Staff), Pit Bull Terrier, Brazilian Fila and Rottweiler. These breeds can be imported only if they are owned by a person over 18 years of age, are spayed or neutered and has resided with their owner for at least 18 months prior to entry.

For more information, tips from our flight veterinarians, regulations and requirements for import to Israel visit us at

Terminal4Pets services include document preparation, veterinary services, cargo shipments, import clearance service, airline approved kennels, boarding facility, pet friendly airport shuttles, flight tickets, pet couriers, VIP (very important pet) airport services and more.

Document Preparation: Travel with pets requires an intricate understanding of Israeli import regulations, health requirements, airline policies, and government authorities. We will provide you with instructions and guidance through each document necessary to ensure you are fully prepared.  You will gain peace of mind, knowing that every detail is taken care using the most advanced and updated regulatory database in the industry.

Veterinary Services: Each country has different health requirements in order to enter with a pet. It is crucial to follow each requirement to the specific regulations for Israel import. Many of these regulations are time sensitive and must be done within the required period.  Our pet transportation specialists will provide you with a guide to all health requirements specific to your pet. In addition, a Terminal4Pets veterinarian will advise you regarding your pet's health and safety for travel. Your pet will be entitled to a free health check and vaccinations at our veterinary clinic in Maccabim upon your arrival to Israel.

Cargo Shipments: Terminal4Pets provides comprehensive manifested cargo shipments for unaccompanied pets. While the process of cargo shipment is a procedurally more involved process than a flight with your pet, they will still travel safely in the same hold of the plane. Using Terminal4Pets cargo service means that our pet transportation specialists will handle all aspects of your pet's cargo shipment including flight booking, ground transportation, export customs clearance, document preparation, and customs release. We work within regulations to book the easiest flight route for your pet on the best pet friendly airlines to ensure that they have the most comfortable and quick release in Israel. We realize that leaving your family member in anyone's hands is difficult. We strive to make the process stress free for you and your pet.

Boarding Facility: At Terminal4Pets we are happy to assist with any boarding needs you may have prior to, during, or after your flight. Our quality boarding facility staffed by our expert team takes loving care of your pet. Whether your pet is traveling unaccompanied or you need time to settle in your new home before your pet can join you, our boarding facility offers them a home away from home.

Airport shuttle: It can be difficult for people traveling with pets to find transportation services willing to take pets or that have enough space for kennels. Terminal4Pets airport shuttle service provides convenient and comfortable transportation for you and your pets 24 hours a day. Our door to door service will take the stress out of trying to find appropriate transportation after your long flight. Call us to book our airport shuttle service for your flight and you will be able to relax knowing that your pets will travel with pet shipping experts.

Airline tickets: When traveling with a pet there are many options for airlines, flight routes, connection flights, layovers and types of shipments. All of which need to be taken into consideration before booking a flight.  Whether you are traveling with a pet in cabin, excess baggage, or as manifested cargo, choosing the right ticket is a crucial stage in planning. Airline policies for pet travel vary based on breed, type and size of pet, destination, weather variables, space availability, kennel type and more. Terminal4Pets pet transportation specialists will assist you in purchasing airline tickets for you and your pet with a focus on finding you the most safe and comfortable options at the most affordable prices. We utilize our connections with airline authorities and our knowledge of the most pet friendly airports and airline policies to book the perfect flight for you and your pet.

Contact Terminal4Pets today for your free quote and discover why Terminal4pets is the most trusted name in worry free pet relocation for the past 20 years.



The Israeli Agency for International Pet Transport

Israel: 08-926-4554 or 1-800-220-555

USA 1-866-Pet-2-Fly

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חדש ! מועדון חברים
01/04/2020 - הסוכנות הישראלית להטסת חיות
לפרטים לחץ כאן או ר×
01/04/2020 - ביטוח בריאות בישראל
למרכז לתושבים חוז
01/04/2020 - שפץ דירתך לקראת החזרה
משפץ את דירתך לקראת
01/04/2020 - אנו בפייסבוק
אנו בפייסבוק ואתם
01/04/2020 - כרטיסי טיסה בהנחה
כרטיסי טיסה בהנח×
מועדון חברים
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